A_NEW_DAY is a music based performance combining elements from the world of theater with electronic club music, state-of-the-art technologies with archetypical storytelling motifs, filmed and animated visuals with immersive audio.

In order to trigger a new dimension of audience awareness, our guests are surrounded by stages, big screens and a 3D audio system. Thus you become the center of the setup and you are physically involved in a multi-sensual performance. 

At the center lies a narrative – elaborated on multiple layers of text, stage performance, live-animation, video content and sound:

A man has obviously collapsed and wakes to find himself on a hospital bed in an elevator cabin. An animated character appears. The elevator doors open before this character, who represents one’s still unknown self, each floor the entrance to a new world.

A_NEW_DAY is one of the world’s first productions combining live music elements with the Iosono Audio System granting a new listening experience and the possibility for guests to explore a complex sonic room.

 A_NEW_DAY explores new ways of artistic expression within innovative technology, using the sensual opulence of its setup for a journey inside, extending an invitation to the audience to release potentials of change, reflection and awareness.

“A different me is just one step away.”


With its interdisciplinary qualities and internationally experienced team, A_NEW_DAY also works as a catalyst for new creative processes and co-operations. 


Presentation of A_N_D plus 3D sound installation in co-operation with HOLOPLOT

Congrats to our friends at HOLOPLOT for winning the
2017 SXSW Interactive Innovation Award“!




“Let us never miss again a chance to dance.”


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