Rooted in music, A_NEW_DAY strives to create immersive experiences. How can we use new technologies to augment the possibilities of staging sound, vision, and the sense of space?

A_NEW_DAY is a music-based performance that combines elements from the world of theater with electronic club music, state-of-the-art technologies, and archetypal storytelling motifs. It integrates filmed and animated visuals with immersive media. At its core is a narrative unfolded across multiple layers of text, stage performance, live-animation, video content, and sound:

A man has seemingly collapsed and awakens in a hospital bed within an elevator cabin. An animated character appears, representing one’s unknown self. The elevator doors open, each floor revealing the entrance to a new world.

A_NEW_DAY utilizes the sensual opulence of its setup for an inward journey, inviting the audience to unlock potentials of change, reflection, and awareness.

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